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U.S. Credit

We continue to emphasize sectors and companies that have stable cash flows and are positioned to benefit from the economic recovery. This includes securities issued by utilities, real estate investment trusts (REITs), finance companies and life insurance firms. Although credit spreads remain tight, we believe the U.S. credit market still offers some spread-tightening potential, particularly among lower-credit-quality securities. In our view, improving economic growth and supportive Fed policy remain positive influences on corporate bond valuations. And while rising Treasury yields may pressure investment-grade credit spreads, we expect to add exposure on any material spread widening.

U.S. Securitized

Within the securitized sector, our outlook favors collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and non-agency collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs). We believe these securities offer higher-quality structures and yield advantages relative to agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS), which we believe are richly valued. In addition, given our favorable view of the U.S. housing market, we believe securities backed by residential housing, such as single-family rentals, offer value. We have little commercial mortgage-back securities (CMBS) exposure, as our outlook for the sector remains cautious due to changing business models and commercial real estate usage.

U.S. Government

Improving economic growth and aggressive fiscal and monetary support should keep Treasury yields on the rise. We expect the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield to settle near 1.75% later in the year. In this environment, we are underweighting nominal Treasuries, but we believe TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) remain attractive. While current inflation remains below Fed targets, breakeven rates continue to rise on growing long-term inflation expectations. In addition to improving growth, we expect soaring U.S. debt, a weaker U.S. dollar and corporate onshoring trends to drive inflation higher, highlighting the value in TIPS.

U.S. Municipal

We expect Biden administration plans for higher taxes and increased federal spending, including aid to struggling states, to drive continued demand for tax-advantaged munis. We believe general obligation (GO) bonds of municipalities with strong balance sheets, ample reserves and high pension funding ratios offer attractive opportunities. We also believe essential service revenue bonds (water/sewer, public power) provide important defensive characteristics. Among credit-sensitive munis, spread levels continue to indicate value, in our view.

European Debt

With improving growth prospects pushing government bond yields higher, we have an underweight position in core European government bonds. We favor exposure to peripheral European sovereigns, which should benefit from sustained ECB and European Union aid. We also have an overweight position in European inflation-linked securities, given the inflationary effects of improving growth and current fiscal and monetary policy. We have a neutral position in European credit, but we’re skewed to an overweight in higher spread and more volatile subordinated financial bonds and select industrial hybrid securities.

Emerging Markets Sovereign

We continue to favor local rates and currency positions over external securities, largely due to valuation concerns and expectations for continued U.S. dollar weakness. We prefer Asian currencies, given better growth prospects in Asia versus other EM regions. We are also emphasizing commodity-linked currencies, particularly those poised to benefit from rising metals prices. Among local bonds, we prefer countries with higher risk/reward potential, including South Africa and Indonesia. We are rotating our U.S. dollar duration into Chinese government bonds, which trade similarly to Treasuries but offer higher yields. Among external securities, we believe high-yield countries offer better value than investment-grade countries.

Emerging Markets Corporate

Positive fundamental drivers, including better growth in EM economies, rising commodity prices and loose monetary policy, should bode well for EM assets. We believe select corporate positions provide higher spread opportunities over existing sovereigns. We favor Mexico, where we own bonds from commodity-related companies we believe will benefit from rising silver and copper prices. However, we are concerned about recent increases in rates and will monitor the situation.

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