Golfing "Fore" Prosperity

The American Century® Championship  has raised millions of dollars for a variety of national and local charities for over 25 years. Celebrities and sports legends alike gather in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, each July to compete in one of the longest-running celebrity golf events.

Redefining Prosperity

The tournament's primary charity is the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, (American Century Investments' primary owner) a world-class biomedical research organization whose mission is to eliminate devastating diseases, like cancer. This unique ownership structure enables American Century and its clients to impact human health and potentially save lives.

Celebrity Golfers Define What Prosperity Means to Them

American Century Championship logo

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is one of the NBA's greatest shooters and the league's 2015 and 2016 Most Valuable Player (MVP). He shares what personal responsibilities come with this title.

James Blake

Professional tennis player James Blake's reputation as a shotmaker, combined with his powerful forehand, made his style of play notably flashy and fun to watch. However, off the court, his personal life and idea of prosperity are much simpler

Carson Palmer

The power of these three things equals prosperity for NFL Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.